Sunday, February 12, 2023

My Sign-up for Book Bingo 2023


I am joining in on Book Bingo 2023 at Unruly Reader. I did this challenge last year (and will soon do a post listing all the books I read that fit that challenge). This year’s theme is School. The challenge runs from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Here is the card with the categories:

Some of the categories are obvious, for example: 

  • MODERN LIBRARY TOP 100 = A book from the Modern Library Top 100 list, or from their Fiction or Nonfiction Top 100 Lists.

Other categories are not so obvious, and some can be interpreted loosely:

  • FIRE DRILL = A book about preparation, survival, or passion. Or a book that ignites something within you. Or, of course, a book about FIRE.
  • HOMEWORK = A book or article that enhances and deepens your knowledge.

I think I will naturally end up reading some books that fit the categories (I have already read four), and I could have fun finding books for other categories. But I am fairly sure I won't be filling them all in. I have made sure that there are books I want to read for at least one column and one row on the bingo card. 

The sign-up post at Unruly Reader, titled Introducing Book Bingo 2023, provides definitions for each category and instructions on How to Play.


Cath said...

Fantastic that you're doing this one too. I don't plan to try and fill every square either, but concentrate on a few lines. I've crossed off three so far and I'm happy with that. I love that this one is not too straightforward with some of the categories so that we can make up our minds what fits. I think I'll try to do a 3 monthly update through the year too.

TracyK said...

Cath, I dithered about doing this one, but really it seemed like had a lot of books that could fit, and I certainly completed more last year than I thought. I definitely plan to have a way to keep up with it so that a final update won't be a pain.

I will still be signing for FictionFan's Wanderlust Bingo too, and will be looking for books for that too. I like that I can do it in 2 years.

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, this sounds like an interesting challenge, Tracy. I have to admit, I think it got my attention because I've been in educational settings for such a long time. I'll be looking forward to seeing the books you choose for this one.

TracyK said...

Margot, I have to admit that some of the books I am planning to read for this challenge are somewhat unusual for me. But they all come from my TBR piles or my husband's shelves. For most of my working life, I worked for company's in education or education-related areas (a community college most recently, and before that a publishing firm that put out reference books aimed at colleges and high schools).

NancyElin said...

Thanks for this post....I must search for some good books
for this challenge. I completed the challenge in 2022 and it was great fun!
Unfortunately on the website Unruly Reader...has closed the comments on 08 signing up is impossible!
No matter....I'll upload a sign-up post on my blog with a collection of books I plan to read!

Book Bingo

Lark said...

Book Bingo is so fun! I've done this challenge in the past and loved it. I hope you find lots of fun books to fill the categories. :D

TracyK said...

Nancy, I know you will find some great books for this challenge. Your reading choices are always so diverse and interesting.

I also saw that the comments had closed for that post, which was disappointing, but not a problem.

TracyK said...

It is a fun challenge, Lark. I like that many of the categories have broad definitions that can be interpreted many ways.