Sunday, March 11, 2012

Merely Mystery Reading Challenge

The Merely Mystery Reading Challenge 2012 is hosted by Musings of a Bookish Kitty.

"The focus of this challenge is to explore the different types of crime fiction out there. If you are new to the crime fiction genre, want to step outside your comfort zone and try another kind of mystery or are a mystery lover needing an excuse to join another crime fiction related challenge, here's your chance!"

There are two possible levels for this challenge.

Down on Her/His Luck Gumshoe - Read two or more books falling into any of the twelve sub-genres specified by the challenge (listed below). Each book can be from the same sub-genre or can be varied among the different sub-genres. You pick the combination and the number of books.

Shamus Who Has Seen It All - Read at least one book from each of the sub-genres (listed below) for a total of 12 books. If you are feeling ambitious, read more than one book from each sub-genre.

I am signing up for the Shamus Who Has Seen It All level.  At first I considered that level too much of a stretch for me, because several of the genres are not that appealing to me. Then I found that have at least three possible books in my TBR stacks for the Locked Room Mystery genre, and figured I should just make the effort to read the others too. That is what a challenge is all about, right?

Below I will list books I read with links to reviews...

The Whodunit: Political Suicide by Robert Barnard

Locked Room Mystery:  The Tattoo Murder Case by Akimitsu Takagi

Cozy: Heads You Lose by Christianna Brand

Hard-Boiled/Noir:  Dying Light by Stuart MacBride

The Inverted Detective Story: The Suspect by L. R. Wright

The Historical Whodunnit: Bluffing Mr. Churchill by John Lawton

The Police Procedural:  The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

The Professional Thriller: With a Bare Bodkin by Cyril Hare

The Spy Novel:  The Company of Strangers by Robert Wilson

Caper Stories:  The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep by Lawrence Block

The Psychological Suspense: A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd

Spoofs and Parodies:  The Affair of the Mutilated Mink by James Anderson

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Literary Feline said...

Welcome to the challenge! I can't wait to see what you read for it. :-)