Saturday, May 26, 2012

Japanese Literature Challenge

This challenge, hosted by Dolce Bellezza, is the 16th reading challenge I have joined this year.  However this one starts in June and goes for eight months, which is appealing... And it is entirely different from any other challenge I have joined. (Well, not entirely, I did join the European Reading Challenge and am enjoying it a great deal.)

The challenge sign-up link is here.
  1. The challenge runs from June 1, 2012 until January 30, 2013.
  2. There is only one requirement: In the next six months or so read one, or more, books of Japanese literature and share them with the challenge group.
  3. There is a suggested reading list here.
Since there is no requirement beyond reading one book, I don't have to indicate a specific goal, but I do plan to read more than one this year. And this would contribute to my New Authors Challenge, since I have read no books by Japanese authors up to now... if my memory serves me right.

I have three mysteries in mind, all belonging to my husband: 
All She Was Worth (1992) by Miyuki Miyabe
The Tokyo Zodiac Murders (1981) by Soji Shimada
The Tattoo Murder Case (1999) by Takagi Akimitsu
In addition, I was already interested in The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino, shown in the sign-up post. And The Thief by Fuminora Nakamura also sounds good.

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Bellezza said...

I'm so glad you saw this challenge and have decided to join us! There is nothing like a good Japanese mystery, of which I can think of several. Might I recommend Inspector Iminishi Investigates and also Villain? Of course, you must read Out if you haven't yet. I very much enjoyed All She Was Worth, but I liked the ones I mentioned even better. In any case, welcome!