Wednesday, December 5, 2012

European Reading Challenge 2013

I participated in this reading challenge in 2012. It was was one of my favorites. I read nine books from different European countries in 2012, and I hope to read even more this year.

Organized by: Rose City Reader 
From January 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014
Goal: To read books by European authors or books set in European countries. The books can be fiction or non-fiction. However, each book must be by a different author and set in a different country.

There are more details at the sign up post (here), including a list of countries, and resources to find books set in those countries.

I am joining at the Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) level: Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.

There were two books on my list to read last year that I did not read:

The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg (Sweden)
Murder In Belleville by Cara Black (France)

In addition, I could read from this list:

Siren Of The Waters by Michael Genelin (Slovakia)
Nemesis by Jo Nesbo (Norway)
A Night of Long Knives by Rebecca Cantrell (Germany)
Death of a Nationalist by Rebecca Pawel (Spain)
Dressed for Death by Donna Leon (Italy)

Books Read, with links to reviews:
The Smoke by Tony Broadbent (United Kingdom)
Eye of the Red Tsar by Sam Eastland (Russia)
A Stone of the Heart by John Brady (Ireland)
Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie (France)
Vendetta by Michael Dibdin (Italy)


Anonymous said...

Tracy - You've got some great possibilities here. I really encourage you to read the Cantrell and the Leon. I'm a fan of both authors, so I am biased. But still....

I give you a lot of credit for taking all these challenges on and I look forward to reading your reviews of what you read.

TracyK said...

To be honest, I take on most challenges because I want to read those books anyway, and it gives me more motivation to stick to my plan. I am looking forward to reading more books by both of those authors.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Tracy -- congratulations on being the very first person to sign up for 2013! You even beat me and I'm hosting!

I read Murder In Belleville this year and enjoyed it. Your other possibilities look good too.

Happy reading!

Susan said...

Tracy - exactly like you described, I also mostly enter challenges where I can list the books I am already planning to read, and the challenge provides motivation. I'm so glad you commented on my TBR Pile Challenge post: following up, I found your blog and your entry in the Europe reading challenge. It's a good match for my reading plans - and always fun to read others' reviews. Thanks!