Monday, January 2, 2017

Vintage Scavenger Hunt Wrap Up

Every year since 2012 I have participated in the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge, a challenge hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block. The challenge for 2016 was a Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt. There were two categories, Golden Age mysteries and Silver Age mysteries. I was happy with my results for the Golden Age books but I did not read many Silver Age mysteries with covers that fit the requirements.

Here is my list of Golden Age reads for the challenge:

Black Orchids by Rex Stout (Item: Spiderweb)

3 Doors to Death by Rex Stout (Item: Two people)

13 at Dinner by Agatha Christie (Item: Timepiece)

Minute for Murder by Nicholas Blake (Item: A Blonde)

The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie
(Item: Hand Holding Gun)

Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming (Item: Playing Cards)

Fire Will Freeze by Margaret Millar (Item: Country Scene)

Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout (Item: Map)

The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing
(Item: Building which is not a house)

The Case of the Restless Redhead by Erle Stanley Gardner (Item: Jewelry)

Background to Danger by Eric Ambler (Item: Hat)

She Shall Have Murder by Delano Ames
(Item: Damsel in Distress)

Fast Company by Marco Page (Item: Book)

From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming
(Item: Photograph)

Thou Shell of Death by Nicholas Blake (Item: Bloodstains)

Kill Now, Pay Later by Robert Kyle (Item: Revolver)


Bev Hankins said...

Congratulations! And thanks for playing along with me each year. I'm so glad you enjoy it.

TracyK said...

I wish I could have read more that fit the challenge in 2016, Bev, but maybe 2017 will be a better year.

Bernadette said...

Most impressive.

Nan said...

What a lot of fun you must have had doing this! I love it!

Cath said...

Well done! Nice list of books.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read one of them....but I love some of the titles!
Kill now, pay later - Restless Redhead.
Now, the new year brings us a time to start with a clean slate.
I am including a 'template' in my newly organized world (see blog) for your books! I hope to read at least 2 per month (no great note taking required) and read out of my comfort zone.
This will be fun! I think I'll start with ...Eric Ambler!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Tracy! This is a fantastic list. And it really does sound like a fun challenge, too.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Bernadette. Sometimes I like the book cover better than the novel inside.

TracyK said...

It was a lot of fun, Nan. I collect old paperbacks (mostly mystery novels), so it fits in with my passion.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Cath. Except for the rereads, these were books I have been meaning to read for a good while. Now I just have to make more time for books by Christie.

TracyK said...

Ambler is a good choice, Nancy. I hope you enjoy the book. I find him to be a very interesting writer.

TracyK said...

I was very happy with my list, Margot, but like I said in another comment, got to read more books by Christie in 2017.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Congratulations, Tracy! I still have to read Margaret Millar and Rex Stout.

Anonymous said...

Doing some reading about Eric Ambler:
Trivia: I did not know her created one of the TV series I used to watch in 1960-62 detective series 'Checkmate' with Sebastian Cabot and Doug McClure!

TracyK said...

Trying either of those authors is a good idea, Prashant. You might like Millar better, but who knows? Regardless, I would love to hear your opinion of those authors.

TracyK said...

I was surprised when I read that about Ambler, also, Nancy. He was multi-talented.

neer said...

Congrats Tracy. You read some interesting books for the challenge. A very happy 2017 to you.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Neer. I enjoyed almost all of them and would like to read more by the authors.

TracyK said...

And a happy 2017 to you also, Neer. 2016 has been interesting, we will see what 2017 brings.