Sunday, January 8, 2023

The 2023 TBR Pile Challenge (Year 10)

Roof Beam Reader’s official TBR Pile Challenge is back for its TENTH YEAR! This will be my seventh time participating. I like this challenge because it only includes books added to the TBR pile before 2022, thus forcing me to go back to books that have been on the shelves longer. However, I don't think I have successfully completed it more than once or twice. But I will try again.

  • List 12 books to read for this challenge. The books must have been on your bookshelf or “To Be Read” list for AT LEAST one full year. This means the book cannot have a publication date of 1/1/2022 or later (any book published in the year 2021 or earlier qualifies, as long as it has been on your TBR pile or list). 
  • Two alternates are allowed, just in case one or two of the books ends up in the “did not finish (DNF)” pile.
  • The complete and final list of the  books for this challenge must be posted and linked at Roof Beam Reader by January 15th, 2023. When books are read and reviewed, the link to the review is added on your signup post.
  • See the sign-up post for more details.
  • The challenge runs from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. 

I especially like that Adam does a monthly check-in post for participants to talk about their progress. 

My list is below:

  1. Our Man in Camelot by Anthony Price
  2. A Man's Head by Georges Simenon
  3. A Fire Story by Brian Flies
  4. The Last Colony by John Scalzi
  5. Fender Benders by Bill Fitzhugh
  6. Murder Most Fowl by Bill Crider
  7. Murder in a Nunnery by Eric Shepherd
  8. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullars
  9. The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
  10. The Wood Beyond by Reginald Hill
  11. SS-GB by Len Deighton
  12. The Mulberry Bush by Charles McCarry


A Season for the Dead by David Hewson

The Oaken Heart by Margery Allingham


Mary R. said...

So glad you decided to join again! The Guernsey book was wonderful!

TracyK said...

Mary, if you had not encouraged me, I would not have joined in. The Guernsey book will fit another challenge I will be joining too. And I worked hard to pick the books, and am optimistic that I will do much better this time.

Kathy's Corner said...

Hi Tracy, this is an excellent challenge to get people to read books they already have and never got around to reading. That's my plan this year. I have heard of Margery Allingham. I believe she is one of the greats in the mystery genre.

TracyK said...

Kathy, I do hope I read (and review) all of these books. Some of them have been on my shelves a long time. Some only 2-3 years.

Allingham is one of my favorite vintage mystery writers. I have been rereading some of her mysteries over the last few years. But this one is a nonfiction story about a village in the UK, written during during World War II.

pattinase (abbott) said...

So happy to see Bill's name on the list.

TracyK said...

Patti, I want to read the whole Sheriff Dan Rhodes series. In order, unfortunately, and after this one I only have some of the later hardbacks. I may have to go for Kindle copies which fortunately are reasonably priced.

Margot Kinberg said...

You've got some interesting books on your list, Tracy! I do like the idea of TBR challenges, although it is a little hard to be reminded of just how many books I haven't read *sigh.* I think you've got a nice blend, too, of longer books, shorter books, and so on. I hope you enjoy them.

TracyK said...

I know, Margot, this list just scratches the surface of older books that have been on my shelves for several years. Some of my challenges have reminded me of favorite authors that I want to read more of so that is good.

FictionFan said...

An interesting list with lots of variety! I enjoyed The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, and while The Wood Beyond isn't my favourite Dalziel and Pascoe novel, any Reginald Hill is better than most other authors'! I haven't read any of the others, but am tempted by the Simenon. Happy reading!

TracyK said...

FictionFan, I remember that you had said that The Wood Beyond was not a favorite book in the Dalziel and Pascoe series, but I am trying to read through the series (for the first time), and I actually have had copies of all the books for years. And I am sure I will still enjoy it.

Cath said...

I don't know many of those books apart from The Potato Pie book, which I loved. I know the Dalziel and Pascoe books but have only seen them on the TV many years ago. Enjoy the challenge and I hope you succeed in getting at least some off your tbr pile!

TracyK said...

Cath, Several of these books are by authors that I have a good number of books by and want to read all their books. In the case of Charles McCarry, the book on the list was his last book and I have been saving it. So I hope I do get them read and that I enjoy them.