Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012

2012 was the first year I participated in the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme, sponsored by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise.

Looking over my posts for the meme at this time, I don't see a theme. I concentrated on authors I really like, but a few listed here are not my favorites. I think all the books I featured are interesting books, but not all of the books lived up to my expectations.

I don't rate books in my blog but I do when I put them on Goodreads. The books in this list that I rated as 5 stars are:

Spy Hook by Len Deighton
An Empty Death by Laura Wilson
Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout
A Lily of the Field by John Lawton

Here are my posts ...

A is for Eric Ambler

B is for Robert Barnard

C is for The Cambridge Theorem by Tony Cape (a spy novel)

D is for Len Deighton (with a review of Spy Hook)

E is for An Empty Death by Laura Wilson
(the second novel in a mystery series set in World War II London)

F is for Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout
(my favorite book by my favorite mystery author)

G is for Elizabeth George

H is for Cyril Hare
(with reviews of With a Bare Bodkin and An English Murder)

I is for The Information Officer by Mark Mills

J is for S├ębastien Japrisot
(with a review of The Sleeping Car Murders, a very unusual mystery)

K is for Stuart M. Kaminsky
(with reviews of Death of a Russian Priest and Bullet for a Star)

L is for John Lawton
(with reviews of Flesh Wounds and A Lily of the Field)

M is for Charles McCarry

N is for Night at the Vulcan by Ngaio Marsh

O is for Anthony Oliver
(with a review of The Property of a Lady)

P is for Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear

Q is for A Quiet Flame by Philip Kerr

R is for Helen Reilly

S is for The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

T is for The Tattoo Murder Case, a vintage mystery by Japanese author, Akimitsu Takagi

U is for Under World by Reginald Hill

V is for Philo Vance and S. S. Van Dine
(with a review of The Greene Murder Case)

W is for R. D. Wingfield
(with a review of A Touch of Frost)

X is for XPD by Len Deighton

Y is for The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon

Z is for Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb

Len Deighton is the only author I covered twice, and that is because it is hard to find a title or author for X, and because I just discovered him this year. I read nine books by Len Deighton this year. And hope to read three more this year, to finish off the Bernard Samson series.


Kerrie said...

Many thanks for contributing to the meme Tracy. Glad it was such an enjoyable experience for you.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Thanks so much for summing this all up this way. I enjoyed your posts.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I have put some of these books on my to-read list and I definitely need to re-read some of Deighton's thrillers. I think I've read XPD but that might have been some twenty years ago. Thanks for the round-up, Tracy, it's an eclectic mix.

Sarah said...

Great kist Tracy. I have spy hook to read - I've read the first 3 and want to start this trilogy now. Glad you liked it. I will read your review when I have read the book.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Well done on completing the challenge TracyK - and some really great books there too as well as many that are completely new to me (which is even better!)

Katrina said...

I've only read Fer de Lance which I really liked and the Chabon, I want to give Reginald Hill a go soon, and I'm going to be looking for more by Ngaio Marsh. You've done well, especially with all those Deightons.