Friday, November 9, 2012

In Alabama, Having Fun

I have traveled to Alabama to visit my mother, sister, and brother. I am having fun reminiscing and catching up. But missing my husband and son very much. Also having computer withdrawal, as my mother's computer is ancient and slow and uncooperative.

What is not fun? A twelve-hour trip from beginning to end, not even counting the time to get me to the airport  early in the a.m. Eight hours on a plane, four wandering around in airports.

On the plane flying to Alabama, I was planning to read a paperback, which got stowed in a carry on piece of luggage that I could not get to... so ended up switching to my tablet to read a vintage mystery. First time I have ever had two fiction books going at the same time. On the last flight of the day, I was forced to switch back to the tablet again since the light for my seat was useless. So I was very grateful to have the tablet as a resource.

Completed on the trip:
The Dead Can Tell by Helen Reilly (Kindle version, with a nice cover from the Dell mapback)

In progress:
To Play the Fool by Laurie R. King


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I usually read non-fiction on trips, for no apparent reason other than that I'm more likely to finish it than at home where paperbacks rule.

TracyK said...

I got a couple of non-fiction books in e-book format specifically for the trip, but haven't started either yet. A problem I have is that a lot of my unread books are hardbacks and I don't want to carry heavy books on the plane.

Katrina said...

Eight hours on a plane sounds like a nightmare to me. Is that really how long it takes to fly from California to Alabama? Just as well you were able to read something.

TracyK said...

Going to Alabama on this trip, my 2nd flight was 5 hours LAX to Miami, then the 3rd was two hour back to Birmingham. On the way back it will be more normal, Bham to Dallas/Fort Worth to LAX and less total time. But Dallas/Fort Worth airport is harder to navigate, usually.

Sarah said...

Hope you had a great time Tracy. I forget sometimes how big the US is. At least traveling gives you time to read. I usually bury me head in a book when we hit turbulence.