Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Global Reading Challenge Sign Up

The 2014 Global Reading Challenge (2014GRC) challenges you to expand your reading boundaries, go where you haven't been before, move a little outside your comfort zone. It is hosted by Kerrie of MYSTERIES in PARADISE.

The goal is to read one or more novels from each of these continents in the course of 2014:

North America
South America (please include Central America where it is most convenient for you)
The Seventh Continent (here you can either choose Antarctica or your own ´seventh´ setting, eg the sea, the space, a supernatural/paranormal world, history, the future – you name it).
  • You may read any genre so long as the books are fiction. There are three levels: Either read one book, two books or three books from each continent.
  • Decide which level you will attempt, although you can change that later if you wish. 
I am committing to The Easy Challenge: Read one novel from each of these continents in the course of 2014. I know I will read more than one book for some of these continents, but I am trying to keep my challenge involvement low pressure this year.


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Tracy, I'm looking forward to your choices for Asia. There's some good fiction coming out of Sri Lanka though I can't tell you offhand.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I' admire the way you take on challenges. I'll be very interested in your reviews as you 'travel.'

TracyK said...

Well, I know there will be at least one Narayan book. And I will be looking out for other authors. That 52 books in 52 weeks site sometimes features books in that area.

TracyK said...

Margot, I really am trying to cut back on challenges, but they are just too tempting.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Oh, I admire your gumption! Look forward to seeing what you come up with chum.

TracyK said...

Sergio, my problem is I want to read everything. Vintage books, new books, espionage, set in many different locations.

Sarah said...

Looking forward to your reviews, Tracy.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Sarah, I pretty much have all the books picked out and am eager to get to them.

w said...

Ditto what Sarah said, I am looking forward to your reviews.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Keishon, and I look forward to seeing what you read in 2014.