Tuesday, January 28, 2014

War Through the Generations Challenge 2014

Two years ago I participated in a challenge at War Through the Generations for World War I.

For the 2014 challenge at War Through the Generations, the hosts decided to mix things up a bit. The focus will be on 1 war for 2 months rather than a full or half year. Every two months, they will post a new linky for a new war so everyone can share their review links.

To be clear, you don’t have to read just Gulf War books in January and February, for instance, but any of the books that fit the war categories. You can read books from any of the listed wars during the entire year, then come back and post your reviews in the linky for the designated month. If you are interested in signing up, the sign up page is here.

Here’s the schedule:
  • Jan./Feb.: Gulf Wars (Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm and Iraq War/Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • March/April: French and Indian War
  • May/June: Korean War
  • July/August: WWI (100th Anniversary)
  • Sept./Oct.: WWII
  • Nov./Dec.: Vietnam War
Level of Participation:
  • Dip Your Toes: Read 1 book for any war
  • Novice: Read 1 book per war throughout the year for a total of 6 books on 6 different wars
  • Intermediate: Read 2+ books for 1 war, and 1 book for each of the others for a total of 7 books
  • Expert: Read 2+ books for each war for a total of 12 books
The books can be fiction or non-fiction. There are list of recommended books and links to book reviews for some wars at the site.

I frequently read books that are set around World War II and there are several books I have that are set around World War I. I don't mind including other wars if I can find books I want to read on that topic. I know that there are some wars I will not be including, so I will join at the Dip Your Toes level.


Anonymous said...

Tracy - War has such a profound impact on people and of course, it's woven all through fiction. I'll be interested in the stories you choose for this one.

col2910 said...

Blimey here you go again...who can keep up? Not me. Tracy another interesting challenge and something that interests me, but I'll pass as I'm already doing my own thing. Are you planning on reading anything on Korea? Unit Pride by John McAleer and Billy Dickson is well worth a read in my opinion. Very moving - I've read it twice and will probably go again if I manage to stop buying other books and stick with what I have.

TracyK said...

Margot, I am looking forward to finding some books for this challenge. Of course, books about WWII will be easy.

TracyK said...

Col, I am so glad you suggested that novel by John McAleer (and Dickson). I thought the name sounded familiar. He also was an expert on Rex Stout and wrote a biography of Rex Stout, which I have read. So I will definitely find a copy of that book and read it. Thank you, Thank you.

Judith said...

Hi, Tracy,
I've signed up! It just so happens that I ordered, thru inter-library loan, Sand Queen by Helen Benedict, which is about a woman soldier during the Iraq War. Works out well. Thanks for writing about it!

TracyK said...

Judith, I am so glad. I looked up Sand Queen and I will get a copy of that. I did not think I could find a book about the Iraq war that would interest me. I hope I can fit it in in February.

Anna said...

Thanks so much for joining us for the challenge! We've posted a list of some readalongs we'll be hosting throughout the year, and maybe you'll be interested in one of those. I'm looking forward to seeing your choices for the challenge.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Anna. I am defininetely interested in two of the books for read-alongs, but not sure if I will read them at the right time. Hope so.

col2910 said...

Small world, TBH I had forgotten about this book until I saw the challenge and Korea. I read it pre-internet days so wouldn't have known about the author's other works. The fact that you are familiar with him is great. Hope you can find it, read it and enjoy it!

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Tracy, for the Vietnam War (Nov-Dec), may I suggest SAIGON by British author-journalist Anthony Grey? It is a fat book but you won't ever regret you read it. No spoilers!

w said...

I echo Margot. I'll be interested in what stories you read for this one and the others. Good luck and have fun.

TracyK said...

Prashant, I will definitely look into that book. You are right, it is a huge book, but the story does sound interesting.

TracyK said...

Thanks, Keishon. I hope I do find books I enjoy and learn from.

Anonymous said...

Wars are not the setting I want to read about, peace-loving soul that I am, and as a participant in the anti-war in Vietnam and Iraq movements. Death and destruction are the antithesis of human life, creativity, growth, progress, etc.

That said, I have been propelled into reading Gordon Ferris' Pilgrim Soul, which is set in 1947 Glasgow and Hamburg. It deals with Nazi war criminals, and a number of their crimes are raised, bringing up the question of whether these murderers should have been killed on the spot or given the benefits of democratic trials, even with benefit of attorneys.

Also, the author explains "ratlines," escape routes, for Nazi war criminals, mostly via Spain or Italy, to South America. Here, the book is educational and interesting, sending me to Google to learn more about this.

Ir's an interesting book with a great protagonist. I'm more interested in what's going on in Glasgow among the Jewish community at that time, so I hope Ferris gets back to them soon.

TracyK said...

I sympathize, Kathy. Actually the books I like best are set right before or after World War II or between World War I and II.

I plan to read Gordon Ferris' series also. Sounds very interesting.

Laurie C said...

There are so many interesting challenges in the blogosphere! I hadn't heard of this one. This would probably be a good one for me to get me reading more historical fiction, but I'm trying to limit the challenges I join in on, because I lose track of them! I've really been meaning to read The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers (Iraq war).

TracyK said...

This is a good challenge, Laurie, and I do understand keeping the number of challenges down. I looked up The Yellow Birds, it does sound interesting.