Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Joining the Bookish Books Reading Challenge 2024


Susan at Bloggin' Bout Books is hosting the Bookish Books Reading challenge for the second year. The focus is on books about books...

Any book counts as long as one of its main themes is books (reading them, writing them, hoarding them, stealing them, eating them, burning them, decorating with them, organizing them, sniffing them, selling them, etc.). Any book that is essentially bookish in nature counts. All formats are acceptable. Since this challenge isn't about pages read, length doesn't matter either. Picture books are totally fine.

Reviews aren't required, but they're always welcome. There will be a monthly linky so participants can share books that they have read for the challenge. 

The challenge runs from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. You can sign up any time during the year. See the sign-up post for full details and suggestions for books.

The levels are: 

  • Toe in the Door: 1-10 books read
  • Picking and Perusing: 11-20 books read
  • Lost in the Stacks: 21-30 books read
  • Living in the Library: 30+ books read

And I will be aiming at Toe in the Door. I read a decent number of bookish books for the challenge last year but did not post about them all.

Susan has created a Goodreads list of Bookish Books if you need inspiration. 

These are books I may read:

  • Ex Libris by Michiko Kakutani 
  • The Lonely Hearts Book Club by Lucy Gilmore
  • Found in a Bookshop by Stephanie Butland
  • The Pleasure of Reading edited by Antonia Fraser
  • Baking With Kafka by Tom Gauld
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
  • The Cat Who Saved Books by Sōsuke Natsukawa
  • The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk 
  • Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell
  • I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf by Grant Snider
  • Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew J. Sullivan

Bookish books I am currently reading:

  • The Book of Books (An Eclectic Collection of Reading Recommendations, Quirky Lists, and Fun Facts about Books) by Les Krantz and Tim Knight
  • More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl

Bookish book I have read recently:

  • Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoshi Yagisawa


Cath said...

Have fun! Of your choices I've read Confessions of a Bookseller which I thought was very good. 'So' many books about books around these days, what a joy!

Margot Kinberg said...

This is a great theme for a challenge, Tracy. I like your choices, too. Now I'm trying to think of TBR books I have that fit....I don't know that I'll join the challenge, but it's intriguing.

Sam said...

I've not done a challenge in a long time, but this one of Susan's is tempting because I read so many books-on-books as a regular part of my reading. I counted five of your choices that I've read, and I'll be looking at the ones I'm not familiar with. Sounds like even if I don't sign up for the challenge that it will be a good place to get ideas from those who do.

BTW, if you are looking for more possibilities at some point, go all the way down to the bottom of my blog cover page and you'll find a clickable link to the dozens of them I've linked to over on GoodReads.

Have fun.

TracyK said...

Cath, I am looking forward to reading books from my list because there is so much variety. I have another book by the author of Confessions of a Bookseller on the Kindle, so if I like that one I will probably read the other one also.

TracyK said...

Margot, I always enjoy reading about books, so this is an easy challenge. I especially enjoy fiction that includes characters who read and talk about what they are reading.

TracyK said...

Sam, this challenge is a good place to get ideas, especially for newer books. Checking out your list at Goodreads, you have read a large number of the books that exist. I had not even thought of including Farhenheit 451, and that is one book I need to read for my Classics List. I have read it once, but that was a long time ago and I was much younger; much of it will be new to me.

Thanks for reminding me about your list of books on books at goodreads. I am always open to more possibilities. I had seen the montage at the bottom of the blog, and when I clicked on the titles it took me to the book and your review if available. Bu I did not realize that I could view it as one of your bookshelves. I will be going through the list more.

Vintage Reading said...

I enjoyed the Gabrielle Zevon. A light but charming bookshop story.

Lark said...

I participated in this reading challenge last year and it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what bookish books you find to read. The Lucy Gilmore on your list is a charming read; I loved that one. :D

TracyK said...

Glad to know that you liked The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, Nicola. I bought it on a whim in December, even though I had not yet read Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. I don't know much about the book but I am hoping I will like it.

TracyK said...

Lark, I purchased The Lonely Hearts Book Club after seeing your review at your blog. There are so many bookish books out there now I like to know something about the books before I try them.

Kathy's Corner said...

These challenges are alot of fun and I have never read I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf but that title has me interested. I did read a few years back The Storied Life of A J Fikry. I didn't care for it but many others did and I hope you like the book. I will be interested to check out the other books on your list. Coincidentally I am reading Larry McMurty's memoir "Books" which I got at the library. So far I am really enjoying it.

TracyK said...

Kathy, I Will Judge You by Your Books is a collection of one and two page comics. It is on my Kindle and I was worried it might be hard to read but it actually may work better there. I don't know much about The Storied Life of A J Fikry but I hope I like it. That memoir by McMurtry sounds good. Another one I will put on the booksale list and see if I have luck finding it there.

thecuecard said...

Seems like a good challenge. Did you like the Morisaki Bookshop? I'm a bit curious about the Pleasures of Reading. I have read AJ Fikry and wished it had dealt with books more ... it starts at the beginning at a bookstore but then takes a departure.
I hope you enjoy a few of these.